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August 24, 2011
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Captain Damio. by Moesie Captain Damio. by Moesie
A chibi for my friend Damio Roncartia over on gaia.
This is officially my most expensive chibi. Meaning it sold for the most.
I only asked for a mil and he gave me 1.58mil.
So yeah.
Every time I do a chibi, I up the price by 100k. The last chibi was 900k. Because the 580k was a tip, I'm still only selling the next one for 1.1mil.

I think it's ridiculous that people pay for these things, let alone pay so much for then. I up the price each time because I don't particularly like doing them...but something about the guy and his character? Whenever I do chibis for him they ALWAYS are groundbreaking in how I make them. This time I rendered the entire thing in black and white and then added color after, and it cut my production time into a 4th of what it used to be.
And looks better.
So yay!

It has its errors but I still like it for now.
(Also, the character has four eyes.)
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infamy-inspired Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I bet Damio loved it. It looks fantastic. You did a great job! 
Still love this Chibi so much. <3
I'm glad! Honestly I still like it too, I still use it as a general reference for what my chibis will look like when people order them.
Ha ha.
Glad to know you still like it so much.
xD <3
rendex Aug 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
The price will probably keep going up if people are willing to pay for it,
Hell I bet you get get up to 5 mil for those on Gaia. The price may sound ridiculous but you can always haggle with people, price higher so when people go lower you can still get a price your happy with :3

Very very adorable by the way, I really love his hands for some reason, and the clothing looks AMAZING <3
Chibi hands are so fun to make. XD teeny widdle sausages with joints. :'3 They're like baby hands.
And thanks! :'3

Yeah, I just...don't feel right doing it. XD chibis should not be that expensive under any circumstances, but people still pay it so I can get away with it, as opposed to people just taking the hint of me not liking chibis. XD I only make them so expensive because I don't like making them. Chibis are the ONLY category of artwork of mine that has a progressive 100k policy. XD
Jealoouuuussss. He turned out so well. <3
haha. XD Thanks Tilty!
Slipperdoodles Aug 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is just.. wow. O AO
Thanks very much! :'3
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