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May 21, 2012
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Maelstrom. by Moesie Maelstrom. by Moesie
Remake! A Sausage Festival by Moesie

I spent so many hours on this's hard to believe that I'm finally done with it. I started this about a month ago, had to put it down because I had other things due for the semester, and then picked it back up again after the semester was over. I'll admit that I spent way too many hours on this, especially considering all of the other things that I have to do, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could get back into rendering things. It had been so long since I buckled down and rendered anything that I forgot how to use my own process - which might be part of why this took so long. Because I had to put it down and then pick it back up again, I'm really not sure how many hours I spent, but it's probably anywhere from 50-70.

The fullsize option is only about half its original size, so if you want you can download it to see the whole thing.

This will be the last time I draw Rhys until all of my commissions are done, and then, only until I finish some refs of my OTHER characters, which have so much less love that it might even be laughable. It had been since July of last year that I drew him last, but really, I've just generally been inactive aside from sketches. So he's still been too prolific.

I still have so many ideas for him, but this will have to suffice for now.

This is HEAVILY Game of Thrones inspired, even though I've only seen the first episode. I saw these cloaks and I just had to paint one, and Rhys would be the first of my characters who would readily shell out the money for one. And then this is what happens later - he buys it, then goes into a wintry wood to pose :3
Please, no spoilers on Game of Thrones. >_> I'll be very sad.

(It's probably obvious I had no idea what to call this.)
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ahh this is so beautiful ;U;
thanks Koa! >w<
xXthroughdarknessXx Dec 12, 2012
How did I just discover you now?!? OH MY GOD YOUR TEXTURES. Just looking at it tingles my fingertips! And the color contrast is very beautifully done. Man, I hope I can become this great by the time I'm outta highschool. My hat goes off to you miss!
uwah, it's not your fault! I'm not very popular! ; u;a
if it helps, I had at least two years of community college before Maelstrom was made..

thank you so much! >w<
Gwerya May 26, 2012  Student Digital Artist
One word to describe this, magnificent.
Thanks a ton! x3
GammoGahato May 25, 2012
This is absolutely stunning, I love this more than words. Wonderful job.
Thank you vury much! x3
I'm glad you like it! >w<

I love the way you did the snow.. and the HAIR! Great work on the "depth" :) Wish I could paint like this
Haha! xD It's not that hard, it's just time consuming.
If you added a painterly style to what you already do...
I'd be your biggest customer.
No exaggeration.
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